Health Canada Based Mould Assessments in Edmonton, AB

Indoor mould growth can be the result of many issues within a residential or commercial property such as flooding, sewage release, building envelope failure or poor construction techniques.  Indoor mould growth poses a health risk to persons utilizing residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

Tritec personnel have strong backgrounds in building sciences and are experienced at not only determining the location of indoor mould growth but also ascertaining the cause of the mould growth.  Tritec personnel can assess the problematic areas within a property, and provide representation for you during complex mould abatement work.  Tritec represents you: the home or business owner or the potential investor.  

Call Tritec and make arrangements to address any mould related issues you might have.

Quality Mould Assessments

If you require properly conducted mould inspection services in Edmonton Ab., and surrounding areas, contact Tritec Environmental today.  Our personnel have appropriate educational backgrounds, are well trained in Building Envelope Sciences, sample collection and interpretation, and have a minimum ten years consulting experience.  Tritec’s mould assessment and inspection services are conducted while adhering to Health Canada guidance documents: resulting in a thorough safely completed assessment.   

Our reports address health concerns, include our findings and observations, any sampling data, and Tritec’s recommendations for mould abatement to be completed by a qualified mould abatement contractor.  We can assist you with abatement contractor selection and most importantly, can represent you during the abatement process: ensuring a properly and safely completed project.

Tritec represents you, the property owner or potential buyer, during the abatement process, conducting visual inspections of the abatement contractor’s work and air sampling to verify air quality once mould abatement work is complete.

We take emergency calls and can be available at any time, day or night.  Tritec offers convenient extended office hours (8 am to 8 pm) Monday through Friday.  No matter when you need us, our experienced team of professionals practising in the Edmonton Ab., and surrounding areas are here for you.  Call Tritec today for more information about our Edmonton, Ab., and surround areas mould inspection services.