Mould Air Sampling in Edmonton, AB

Indoor air quality is often much worse than the outdoor air which can be due to many issues within a residential or commercial property.  Tritec specializes in indoor quality issues that pertain to airborne mould and asbestos fibres: providing professional sample collection and, most importantly, professional interpretation of what those samples actually mean.

Airborne mould can lead to potentially serious health and respiratory problems in exposed persons.  Air sampling for airborne mould provides fast, efficient, answers to questions like “Why do I become congested with itchy eyes, a sore throat and headaches, when at home or at work”?  Tritec personnel are hygiene trained, have the appropriate qualifications, and represent you when dealing with complex mould related issues. 

Sampling for airborne fungal particulate provides a snapshot in time of the air quality within your property.  The most useful application for mould air sampling data is to determine if the air within the property poses a health risk to persons utilizing a residential or commercial property. 

Fungal organisms including Aspergillus sp., Fusarium sp., Penicillium sp., and Stachybotrys sp., present in the indoor air may pose an immediate health risk to exposed persons.  Some species of mould such as Stachybotrys sp., have a zero tolerance in the indoor air and can pose a serious health risk: immediately.    

Tritec utilizes Heath Canada guidance documents, Alberta Health Services guidelines, ongoing training, and experience to accurately interpret what mould air sampling data actually means to you: the property owner or potential buyer.  Contact Tritec of Edmonton, Ab., today to learn if mould air sampling is the correct action for you, the property owner or potential buyer.