Environment Assessment in Edmonton, AB

Tritec provides Environmental Assessments that are professionally conducted, thoroughly documented, and properly reported in order to address particularly difficult properties including those with Alberta Health Restrictions or City of Edmonton compliance orders such as Marijuana Grow Operations, Derelict Properties, or Unfit for Human Habitation orders.

Exact adherence to strict compliance requirements involving these complicated properties is essential in order to efficiently return these properties to a safe inhabitable condition.  Tritec provides the original Environmental Assessment, guidance for property owners through the remediation process, clearance sampling, and the final reports specifically tailored to meet the requirements of government and to meet due diligence issues for property owners.

Identified Marijuana Grow Operations are declared Unfit for Human Habitation by local health officials and have Executive Orders addressing the various issues needing to be properly addressed within the property.  The Executive Orders require a thorough environmental assessment be conducted throughout the property.  The assessment must meet strict criteria and be of the highest standards in order to properly address the issues as described within the Executive Orders.  Tritec can provide the original assessment, can assist with selection of a qualified abatement contractor, can supervise the abatement work, and collect the air clearance samples required in order to have the Unfit for Human Habitation restrictions lifted.


Derelict properties are equally challenging and also require a professionally conducted environmental assessment for things such as fecal waste, asbestos, mould, lead and structural deficiencies.  Tritec can provide the original assessment, can assist with selection of a qualified abatement contractor, provide supervision of abatement work, and collect any air clearance samples required in order to have the Derelict Property restrictions removed from the affected property.

Many municipalities require that asbestos containing building materials be removed prior to demolition.  Tritec can conduct pre-demolition asbestos sampling to identify which materials need to be removed, detail how to safely remove these materials and when properly completed, issue a report detailing the asbestos abatement work and clearing the property for demolition (permit required).

If you require properly conducted environmental assessment services in Edmonton Ab., and surrounding areas, contact Tritec Environmental today.  Our personnel have appropriate educational backgrounds, are well trained in Building Envelope Sciences, sample collection and interpretation, and have a minimum ten years consulting experience.  Tritec’s mould assessment and inspection services are conducted while adhering to Health Canada guidance documents: resulting in a thorough safely completed assessment.  

We take emergency calls and can be available at any time, day or night.  Tritec offers convenient extended office hours (8 am to 8 pm) Monday through Friday.  No matter when you need us, our experienced team of professionals practising in the Edmonton Ab., and surrounding areas are here for you.  Call Tritec today for more information about our Edmonton, Ab., and surround areas, environmental assessment and inspection services.