Asbestos Air and Bulk Sampling in Edmonton, AB

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral product that has been incorporated into many building materials utilized in residential, commercial, and industrial properties built on or before 1990.  Some of these materials include floor tiles, sheet vinyl flooring, drywall jointing compounds, mortar walls, ceiling texture coatings, thermal tape or wrap products and various types of insulation.

Collection of air samples for airborne asbestos fibres or bulk samples of building materials for identification of asbestos content can be very complicated.  This work should only be completed by qualified hygiene personnel and not by abatement contractors or home inspectors.  Tritec’s experienced, thoroughly trained, and experienced personnel can assist and represent you when asbestos becomes a concern in the home or workplace.

Contact Tritec for prompt, professional collection, and interpretation of asbestos related air or bulk sampling data.

Quality Asbestos Testing

If you are in need of asbestos sampling, in Edmonton, Ab., and surrounding areas contact Tritec Environmental today.   Our experienced staff can test for dangerous carcinogens and toxins within your property: providing detailed reports and appropriate recommendations, that meet your needs, and address your due diligence issues.

Tritec personnel can explain the inspection and sampling process and provide you with all the options available for properly addressing your asbestos concerns.  Asbestos removal is not always the only option, other techniques are available for dealing with an asbestos containing building material; options that could prove financially beneficial.  For instance, asbestos abatement contractors will often identify all Vermiculite (type) loose fill attic insulation as being asbestos containing.  This is not the case; in fact, most Vermiculite does not contain asbestos: acting based solely on an abatement contractor’s opinion could cost you thousands of dollars.

Tritec’s professional, punctual staff, can conduct a thorough inspection of your property, collect air and bulk samples for asbestos identification and provide you with a detailed report clearly explaining your options for dealing with asbestos in your home, investment property or the workplace.

Tritec offers prompt asbestos inspection and sample collection services throughout Edmonton, Ab., and all surrounding areas.  Call Tritec Environmental in Edmonton, AB, to address any asbestos concerns you might have.